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Hormone Harmony

Step 1. In this course you’ll discover the ultimate self care and stress management practice for women (and it’s already inside you).

Yep, it’s your menstrual cycle. That thing you’ve been taught to ignore, to see as easily dispensable with drugs (the Pill et al) and even treat as the Enemy, is in fact your greatest ally for healing, creating lasting well being and a truly empowered life.

It’s now time to reclaim the power of your cycle:

The menstrual cycle is a normal, vital and vitally important process in a woman. A healthy menstrual cycle is a fertile cycle and a sign that your overall health is humming along nicely. Making sure your cycle is happy is in fact the number one practice for any woman wanting to feel well and on top of her game.

We can’t help feeling that some of you right now might be crying out: ‘But menstruation is hell, I’m in so much pain, I really struggle with my cycle, I am a mess premenstrually, there’s nothing healthy or good about it’. If any of that is you true for you, do be kind to yourself and bear with us. Treating the cycle as the enemy has actually been the root of our suffering. Transforming that attitude is the beginning of the path to wellbeing and reclaiming our feminine power.


In this free course we want to empower you with:

The four key notes of Hormone Harmony
  1. Building a relationship with your cycle
  2. Soothing (anything that reduces stress and keeps your nervous system chilled and calm)
  3. Nourishment (food for your body and soul)
  4. Detoxification (your body and your environment)

Plus a whole lot of other self care tools, tips and resources

And a useful checklist for sufferers


We want you to be able to easily access the amazing potential and power of your menstruality consciousness, your birthright as a woman.

FREE and packed full of stuff that every woman wishes they had been taught at school.


Spread the word

Join the Red School affiliate programme and earn commission for every woman that joins a programme from your referral. Its a great way to help spread the word about Menstruality and earn up to 30% for each sale.


Linzi Harrocks

"Since opening this enquiry about my menstrual cycle, and this being the first month I've fully been "switched on" from ovulation to now (day 28 today) I'm able to observe the weepiness, the compassion, the need for order and not resist it which before would have made me snappy due to feeling vulnerable while so emotional, fighty. Not flighty. So thank you, you've changed my life."

Hormone Harmony means:

  • humming along happily in tune with your cycle (and saying byebye to menstrual suffering)
  • being ‘in the flow’ of your life
  • and feeling your body is your best ally to becoming your full self
  • being in charge of your fertility through understanding fertility awareness or natural fertility management (and liberating yourself from hormonal contraception which definitely doesn’t create hormone harmony)

Ready to get harmonious?

Before you dive in do please read our Disclaimer. It’s a quick but essential read.

If you are currently using hormonal contraception whether it’s for contraception or managing menstrual problems, you can still get benefit from this course. And if you would like alternatives to the Pill etc we’d recommend you read Alexandra’s co-authored book The Pill: are you sure it’s for you?

If you are consciously preparing to become a mother or having problems conceiving remember the menstrual cycle is your rhythm of fertility. Coming into sync with it will gift you with both insight and remedy for your next steps.

Ok let's get started...