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Red Power Card Reading

All of us at some time or another have probably struggled with asserting ourselves and clearly it’s a power we need any old time of the day or night but there is a moment in the menstrual cycle when you

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The Wild Power Series

Love Your Cycle (or how to broker an uneasy truce)

In this episode you’ll discover that the menstrual cycle is a woman’s number one resource for self-care, it’s your natural rhythm of power for living a wholesome creative life.  You’ll discover how loving your menstrual cycle can lead you to

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Menstruation My Way

written by Amber Bates, Red School Mentor

photo: Amanda Tress

Amber Bates is one of our Red School mentors. She is a powerful and wise intuitive who has kept a strong fidelity to her cycle process over a number of years in spite of the challenges she

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Red Power Card Reading

Pleasure is a power we need any old time of the day or the month, but its natural home is in the summer of the menstrual cycle. It’s the time where pleasure flows most naturally and effortlessly.

At ovulation there

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