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Living the Divine Paradox

written by Penny Fuller, Red School Mentor

living-the-divine-paradoxBefore I discovered cycle awareness, l inhabited a strange half life, trying to be someone I clearly was not. Like many women before me, I had absorbed the notion that to be taken seriously I needed to be rational, sensible,

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The Women’s Wisdom Dial

the World’s 1st Menstruation and Moon Clock

This beautiful, battery powered wall-clock tracks your menstrual cycle and the moon phases by rotating its hands once every 29 days. You set the hands to align with your menstrual cycle and the moon phase once a month. The Red

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13 allies to access the power of menstruation

#3 Simplicity


credit: Krista Campbell Photography

Part 3 of 13

Simplicity can be a number of  things—reducing your workload; reducing your environmental load on the planet by living more sustainably (hint: honouring the cycle is the number one sustainability practice); it also

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A Season With The Critic

written by Amber Bates, Red School Mentor

inner-critic-1024-512Day 24: On waking the realization hits me...I've got a full day of home educating my two children. In that moment it actually feels like the last thing I’d like to do in the whole world (my Autumn loves a

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The feminine spiritual practice

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

For a long time here at Red School we have argued that many spiritual practices while worthy and great can sometimes miss the mark for us as women. They were largely evolved by men and meet the needs and psychology

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