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Pioneering Period Policy



Beware the Ides of March (march 15th) the soothsayer said to Julius Caesar. He was murdered that day. Unwittingly we chose March 15 for our Period Policy event with CoExist—a different kind of blood spilt this time all over

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independentMost women resort to painkillers to deal with period pain but there is another way to solve this monthly malaise -- you just need to pay attention to your cycle.

An article published in the Irish Independent, 10 May 2010 …

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positivelifelogosmall_d9288639-a00b-4904-819f-66a7e17adcb6 Do you suffer from menstrual problems? Do you dread getting your period every month? Maybe you think of it as a curse or something you just put up with. Or could you be one of a growing number of women …

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psychologiesmagcoverFor most women, menstruation is a hassle – something we just learn to put up with once a month. And for those women who suffer problems, it can be distressing. But what if our menstrual cycle could be a real …

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