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    We are based in the towns of Worthing and Malvern in the United Kingdom

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Need tech help?

Below are a few troubleshooting tips. If you have any other technical difficulties get in touch with us, we're happy to help.

What do I do if I have lost my password?

Go to https://redschoolonline.net/wp-login.php and scroll down below the entry fields. Click on the ‘Lost your password’ link. You will receive an email to reset it.

Problems accessing the orientation questions

If you go here and login first.

Then come back to this email and click here, you will be able to access the questions. You need to be signed into the course in an open browser window before you click on the link to the questions. If you are still having problems please let us know.

I’ve not received the questionnaire for the MCL course

Could it be that the email is going to your spam or trash? Could you just check that for us?

Changing passwords on the site - email not received

Could it be that the email is going to your spam or trash? Could you just check that for us?

Affiliate - How do I refer people I know to Red School?

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support as an affiliate. To refer people to Red School Online you need to use your unique affiliate ID.

To find that:

  1. Login to the affiliate centre https://redschoolonline.net/affiliate/
  1. You will see your ID in red on the affiliate home page.
  1. Just copy and paste that link in emails, Facebook posts, tweets etc
  1. If you want ideas and inspiration for your posts go to the ADS tab in the affiliate centre and click on either BANNERS or CREATIVES.
  2. In BANNERS you will find code that you can copy and paste into the html of your website
  1. In CREATIVES you will find sample copy for emails, Facebook posts and Tweets. Just copy and paste this and it will have your unique affiliate ID embedded.

That's it!