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In 2020, we’re thrilled to be offering our first ever Red School Menstruality Leadership Programme ONLINE, for pioneers, changemakers, nurturers and creatives to realise your full authority and leadership through the power of the menstrual cycle.

This free event will tell you all about the program, as well as:
~ Reveal how the menstrual cycle can restore women’s authority and leadership.
~ Be guided in an experiential process to embody the power of your cycle.
~ Introduce you to the Menstruality Leadership programme and invite you to take your seat.

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It’s time for women - and all menstruators - to unashamedly claim our power and use it to serve and stand for Life itself. This world needs the full reinstatement of the feminine for all life to flourish and Menstruality holds the key for this revolution.

We’re looking forward to gathering with you!

Alexandra and Sjanie

Red School co-founders
authors of the Hay House book, Wild Power.



The Menstruality Leadership Programme

The world's first menstruality leadership programme for
change makers, nurturers and creatives.

There is much suffering in the world today; oppression, poverty, injustice and the wilful destruction of the planet - our very life support system.

In amongst this chaos and suffering a healing force is wanting to be known
the power of the Feminine

Conscious women are setting the pace, demanding to do things on their own terms and modelling a new way that is cyclical, relational and organic, recognising all life as
and sacred.

Do you long to join this new wave of feminine leadership and be a leader in this
emerging field of Menstruality

Would you love to restore a feminine spiritual path and practice for yourself
and for the sake of the world?

Do you want to discover your Calling, step more fully into your authority and be
a leader in your own unique way?

Your menstrual cycle is coded with your unique brand of leadership.

We invite you to join us for the journey of a lifetime, to work with your cycle as your ultimate ally to realising your full authority and leadership/power, for the sake of Life itself.

Red School’s Menstruality Leadership Programme offers a radically new approach to women's leadership training based on a cyclical model of development: the menstrual cycle and the psychological and spiritual developmental journey from menarche to menopause and beyond into our mature years.

It is the only comprehensive training of its kind in the world exploring and developing the exciting new discipline of Menstruality, a discipline that is set to change the way we approach women’s and other menstruators wellbeing at all levels of our personal and professional development, creative and spiritual life.

It is a training rooted in an apprenticeship to your own lived experience of the menstrual cycle** that will:

  • Ground you in a custom made personal and spiritual development programme for life.
  • Give you clear information, and growing skill and authority to share, teach and facilitate this work.
  • Guide you to establish an ongoing discipline of Menstrual Cycle Awareness as a life practice.
  • Embed you within the Red School menstruality community - creating collegiality, friendship and creative support networks.
  • Initiate you into the via negativa - the way of the Feminine.

You will learn how to:

  • Forge an intimate relationship with your cycle, to recover a deeply felt sense of trust, worthiness and belonging in your being as a woman.
  • Awaken and activate the inner architecture of the menstrual cycle as the feminine pathway to personal healing, creativity and spiritual awakening.
  • Root into your cycle experience and how to work it as an evolutionary process from menarche to menopause.
  • Step into your own authority with menstruality so you can find your own voice and express your unique vibrancy, creativity and leadership in the world.

** If you don’t have a menstrual cycle, you can work with the moon cycle. The patterning is the same although the menstrual cycle is felt more deeply as it is an embodied process.

If you are on the cusp of or have crossed the menopause, you will work retrospectively recovering something of your menstrual cycle story, understanding how the cyclical powers exist within you still and how to honour them, while also exploring this in the context of the transition of menopause itself.


'Western women long for a modern cosmology that inspires us to be our whole selves: passionate, powerful and instinctual. Menstruality is the golden thread in a living tapestry that is being woven by women around the world. It helps us make sense not just of our own cycles, but our souls and our deeper calling to create a new story for womankind, the womb of the world.'

~ Clare Dubois, Founder, TreeSisters

Join us for the Menstruality Leadership Programme

The training is going to be held over 9 months, starting in April 2020. There will be two core 6 week modules. One starting in April (April 22 to May 29th) and the other in September (Sept 7 to Oct 23rd) and we will complete early Dec 2020.

Personally you will receive:

  • A detailed and intimate grounding in your own cycle pattern through its various seasons and layers.
  • An ability to read your cycle’s signs for insight into your own nature, needs and Calling
  • An appreciation of your strengths and vulnerabilities and how to care for and capitalise on them
  • A self–care tool kit
  • Greater clarity and connection to your Calling - your Wild Power
  • An emerging inner authority
  • A feeling of being recognised / seen by yourself and others
  • A community of sisters who are on your side with support, insight, cheerleading and extraordinary wisdom and skills to share.
  • A deeper understanding of the Feminine and a stronger capacity to realise its presence in the world.

Professionally, you will gain:

  • An inner authority to share and facilitate this knowledge
  • An understanding of menstruality - can be used to hold menstruality circles and/or offer menstruality coaching
  • Apply menstruality within your chosen field/profession
  • Become an advocate/activist for menstruality in the world - raising awareness
  • Develop your personal expertise or area of speciality within the menstruality field, for example birth, motherhood, menopause*, research, mental health
  • Embed within a professional menstruality peer group
  • Be a forerunner in the menstruality movement

For a full description of the training read here

Please note: we don’t teach you how to teach this material but rather support the awakening of your authority to do that

*If you want to teach and coach in the area of menopause, you would also need to attend our Menopause: unveiling the hidden power workshop or Menopause Online Course (starting in Oct 2019). As we are unable to cover the full scope of the menopause transition itself.


What Women are Saying

"The Women’s Quest Apprenticeship is nothing short of a miracle. Through the experience, I am delighted to have created a personal, practical and useful toolkit to life, including: a feminine instruction manual on the inner workings of my cycle and the creative process, an internal map that guides me straight to profound connection with nature, a sound-proof room to keep my Inner Critic in when it gets too much, a five star cleaning service that has loosened some deep rooted emotional clogs and blockages and a Dictionary of Acceptance that allows all my feelings, thoughts and words to be heard and not judged.

I have such gratitude and love for Alexandra, Sjanie and the assistants for creating an essential, loving, nourishing and fun womb circle."

~ Grace Winteringham, cofounder PATTERNITY, and many other things. 2018 in person Apprenticeship

"This menstruality work has, and continues, to influence my life at the deepest level and I thank you for, and honour you for this amazing gift that you have given, to me, to so many others. As you know, my own entrance at the door of menopause was pretty dramatic, and I can honestly say that without the understanding I had from the training, from practicing cycle awareness and of the menopause rite of passage, I don’t think I would have got through it.

Doing the training was one of the best decisions of my life... (It has) brought me to a place of really meeting my power and honouring myself."

~ Nalini Deane, women’s wellness therapist, yoga and meditation teacher and Dance of Awareness teacher, 2014 Italian Apprenticeship

Your Instructor

Red School
Red School

Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

Co-directors of Red School, Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer have developed a radical new approach to women’s health and wellbeing, creativity, leadership and spiritual life, based on the power of the menstrual cycle.

Together they bring 45 years of researching and revealing the power of the menstrual cycle and the initiatory journey from menarche to menopause. They have created a new lexicon that describes a woman’s psychological and spiritual process, and in so doing have spearheaded this emerging new field of menstruality to support all people who menstruate.

Co-authors of Wild Power: Discover the Magic of the Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power, they combine expertise in the fields of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, coaching, embodied movement practices, teaching and facilitation. Experts in the field of women’s wellbeing and spirituality, they are a very creative and productive partnership, bringing liberal doses of irreverent humour to their work.

About Red School

At Red School we’ve been pioneering this new emerging field of menstruality - over the last 35 years we have been exploring and articulating the inner process of women. We teach worldwide on the power of the menstrual cycle and the psycho-spiritual process of maturation that unfolds from menarche to menopause and beyond.

Our radical new approach to women’s wellness, creativity and spiritual life is designed to support women to unleash the full power of the menstrual cycle, step into their authority, become leaders in their life and ultimately to stand for all life.

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